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(без темы) [мар. 1, 2008|09:22 pm]
Haha...My mommy was calling Texas for Obama's campaign today :)
I think I'll be doing that tomorrow.
But I certainly never thought my mom would ever even know who the candidates are, let alone volunteer for one! I guess that's one of the draws of Obama, isn't it.
I hope she is a source of inspiration for at least one of you :)
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Well...I guess I'm not a Republican [янв. 8, 2008|01:45 pm]
93% Hillary Clinton
92% Chris Dodd
92% Barack Obama
91% John Edwards
84% Bill Richardson
81% Joe Biden
79% Mike Gravel
79% Dennis Kucinich
46% Rudy Giuliani
34% John McCain
27% Mike Huckabee
26% Tom Tancredo
23% Mitt Romney
14% Fred Thompson
11% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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(без темы) [апр. 14, 2007|11:12 pm]
[Музыка |mahler--piano quartet in a minor]

it's always amazing to me when i discover a piece of music that makes me wonder how i lived my whole life so far without it.

tonight i went to hear the longwood symphony play mozart's 35th and glazunov's violin concerto (which i've been obsessed with the last few weeks). while they are clearly not a world-class group, they're pretty solid, hold it together and all that. and their playing certainly did not get in the way of the exceptional soloist. i really enjoyed myself tremendously. he did the 3rd movement of the 2nd bach solo sonata for an encore and it was pretty incredible. it's always such a different feeling hearing the music live, even if the acoustics aren't perfect and the quality isn't quite at the level of a recording. totally different experience. the fact that Y couldn't make it was a stroke of luck, because (and i can't believe i thought this would be a good idea) of course everyone we work with and their mother was there. we would likely have undermined any plans we have of working together.
now for a night of intense work, then a day of intense socializing, then a night of intense rest, and then a monday of intense amazing (at least after i pick up sunshine from the airport).
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(без темы) [апр. 13, 2007|08:06 pm]
after a very successful job search process, i have decided that going back to my previous summer's lab is the best choice for me right now. Y and i considered my other offers, did some background on the researchers, and discussed the possible risks of working together. i think both of us might be slightly biased by how much fun we think working together will be, but we certainly did consider other options and i think enough is pointing me at this lab right now that it'll be a good choice. my darling is in barcelona for a conference and i cannot wait for him to get back. i think we're both really excited for graduation because we will get to spend so much more time together. it's no fun having to sleep apart a few nights out of the week, but then again i'm spoiled :) i have 3 weeks of classes left, and a final exam or two, but it's all very manageable and i'm so unbelievably ready. i know i'm letting this relationship consume too many of my daily thoughts, but i'm still in the euphorically excited phase of things. i wonder when it'll fade? i almost look forward to it, because i think that there's something really warm and wonderful about a calm, loving, long-term relationship, without the acute and distracting missing each other while at work. but he continues to amaze me every day.
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Girl Power [мар. 27, 2007|03:01 pm]
So I'm graduating this semester, and although I am pretty sure that I'll end up back at the lab that I worked in over the summer (for a number of reasons, this is likely the best choice), Y said he would not take me back until I could tell him about 3 other interviews I had (for a number of reasons, because he's smart). So, basically I am doing the job-hunt thing now.
I had sent out a few resumes via human resources-type sites; I am looking for a position as a research assistant in a lab, and hospitals post some of these on their "careers" website. But it's very impersonal--you don't know what lab you're applying to or who the people are or what they really do, they just give a description of the required experience and some duties you'd be performing. These sites hardly ever result in anyone actually calling you for an interview--they have a lot of candidates applying, and they all look the same, and usually someone's friend's daughter's babysitter will get the position anyway (this field is big on networking).
I don't like applying to a nameless, faceless site. So I did something a little bold and went to the hospital research websites (the place where labs put what they do and who works there, etc.) and found ones whose research I was interested in. Then, I emailed the researchers directly. I told them that I was graduating, that I am specifically interested in what they do, and asked them if they had an research assistant openings. Also, I told them to feel free to forward my resume to colleagues in the same research field that might be looking for people.
This was Sunday (and Monday). I sent out 16 emails, and got replies from all but 5. Some of course were not looking for help, but several said they would forward my info. I now have secured 3 interviews, and possibly a 4th (not bad considering it's been 2 days and I only emailed 2 of the 5 hospitals I'm interested in working at!). Of these, 2 are not people I emailed--they received my forwarded resume from the ones I did contact!
This teaches me several things. One, nothing is too bold. If you want something, ask for it! Two, my resume is pretty solid--good enough that people who don't have a space for me are willing to recommend me to others. Three, this is how you do things! If you contact them, it shows a high level of self-confidence, and it also sets you apart from the crowd (they read your resume just out of curiosity!).
Anyway, I guess I mean this to be an inspiration to myself (later on) and to others that might be looking for jobs. It doesn't do me any good to be shy, because if you go looking for something, it'll find you. I'm excited about working in Y's lab, because I know he takes care of me (career-wise), we work well together, and the lab overall encourages a high level of independence. It's very possible that I'll find this somewhere else, but you don't know it until you start, and I don't have a lot of time to waste. Besides, working with him would be enormously fun! :) But, it is very likely that I will need to do the job hunt again in my life :P so it's fantastic that I have this experience (which was part of Y's reasoning for making me do this).
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Things I Love [мар. 15, 2007|06:18 pm]
-how boyishly excited he gets about little things, like a shiny new knife or a new project at work or my ass :)
-that he honestly believes, casually and in passing, that anyone who knows me must be in love with me, unless they're gay or female.
-that he has more faith in me than anyone (other than maybe my mom).
-that he always has everything under control, and I never have to worry that things will get taken care of.
-that he never forgets to tell me how lucky he is to be with me.
-how we're always thinking the same thing, calling each other at the same moment, getting up to take care of the same things. I've never lived on the same wavelength as someone else before.
-how he looks at me every morning as if i'm the most beautiful thing he's ever seen
-that it takes us 2 hours to get ready for work in the morning because we enjoy nothing more than each others company

so you see, i'm a little smitten :)
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(без темы) [фев. 27, 2007|09:02 pm]
So I've been having a great semester. I'm not sure why all my semesters at Wheaton haven't been like this. My classes are interesting, and they make me think, but they are not overwhelming me with bullshit work. In particular I am loving my Proteins class, which is a 3 hour seminar once a week in which we discuss scientific papers in exhaustive detail (3 weeks spent on the first paper!) I have found myself to be intuitive and talented at understanding scientific methods, and the reasons researchers do what they do in a particular experiment. It has made me even more impatient than I already was to get into research myself! My hands are absolutely itching to DO this stuff. It appears that the research mindset is something I really excel at, and I love to excel ;) It looks more and more like I'll be working in the lab that I spent the summer at (with Y), and that's exciting to me as well. I know he'll take good care of me and keep me challenged beyond the usual worker-bee lab tech duties. He also has an incredible amount of faith in me (and has, since way before anything more interesting started between us), and I feel more creative, more on-the-ball, when working with him. The confidence boost does wonders for the quality of work I am capable of. So, I think it'll be a good partnership. We'll see, though--nothing is set in stone, and money (in the lab) defines everything. It's getting to be time to start sending out resumes (that is, after I update mine!).
I've been putting hard work into getting back into shape (after a rather scary 15-pound weight gain, completely out of nowhere, in the span of 2.5 months). Less interesting than the body image is the fact that I have more energy than I've had in my entire life. Even when I am legitimately tired (from lack of sleep), if I go to the gym for an hour I can function beautifully for the rest of the day without my customary 3-hour nap. I feel a little bit like a born-again Christian, except for physical exercise. It's amazing what keeping yourself active does to your general well-being and mood!
So, life is good. Sorry to sound so damn overly cheerful, I am well aware that it's borderline sickening.
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(без темы) [фев. 13, 2007|11:34 pm]
I have never been in such a stable, mutualistic relationship. We're a little crazy about each other, I think, and he is absolutely the most caring, warm, fantastic person I can imagine. We haven't lost the ability to talk for hours and not notice the time passing (we're constantly surprised by clocks), and he motivates me to make time for him despite our busy schedules. Everything we do is in sync, without trying, and I am trusting him more and more with each day (which is something I tend to have a hard time with). I'm so excited to have him in my life :)

Ok, enough of that :)

I've had a really productive couple of weeks, but I have some very serious paperwork/beaureacratic shit to deal with if I plan on graduating this semester (which I DO). So that will have to get taken care of tomorrow, or a semester ago :)
I went to the most amazing concert ever on Sunday, with Y and Natasha. My mom was there too, separately from us, and imagine my heart attack when I left for two seconds to get tickets and come back to find her talking to Y! They hadn't met yet, and I was really nervous about it happening. I think they really liked each other though, from what they saw during their short meeting, so it went fine.
But the concert itself was Natalia Gutman playing my favoritest of all the cello concertos in the world, the Elgar. At the end of her performance, I felt more emotional than I have in a long time. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and I realized I had fogotten to breathe during practically the whole thing so I was out of breath completely and trying not to burst into tears. But in a good way :) It's not even that the performance was the best I've heard of it (Jacqueline du Pre is the love of my life), but it's my first time hearing it performed in concert and it was exhilirating and inspiring and amazing.

I hope Katia is coming home as soon as I have a feeling she is.
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(без темы) [дек. 26, 2006|04:59 pm]
i just got a totally unexpected phone call and i'm still shaking. i guess i shouldn't take it so seriously but it came out of nowhere! very strange. no idea what any of this means.

parents are in cancun for the week. it's been great. playing house keeps me a little busy but it's fun not having them around, very low-stress somehow! masha and i are cooking dinner tonight and it's awfully fun.
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(без темы) [дек. 22, 2006|10:00 am]
What are people doing for New Years??
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